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Etheric cord cutting with Archangel Michael Ceremony

Etheric cord cutting with Archangel Michael Ceremony
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It's important to regularly sever your etheric (energy/emotional) cords from people who may be draining your energy. It is not uncommon to have etheric cords attached to places, animals, and people with whom you've had a relationship, even if they've passed on. When we think of someone, or they think of us, an attachment is formed. This is an energy cord created between us and that person or being. It is very important to recognize when another person may be draining your energy, or causing you to feel angry, or maybe you just feel miserable and as though you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. This is likely an indication that there are energy cords attached to your spiritual body that need to be cut. If these cords remain in place you can eventually become lethargic, withdrawn, and in some cases, even ill. Once the cords are severed, any emotion/spiritual links will be gone and any type of psychic attack you have experienced will cease and you will notice an immediate relief. This can all sound rather frightening at first but I assure you, you will not lose any memories or thoughts. You are only getting rid of the draining energy that you do NOT need. Cords are naturally attached to people all the time as we go thru life. It is extremely important to regularly sever these cords, especially the ones that are not in our best interest and highest good. We can also naturally attach cords to people or places that we are not ready to let go of. People who have passed on are a good example of this as they are still energy beings. Therefore, etheric cords can easily be run from our plane to theirs. This is usually not a good thing because it can prevent our onward spiritual progression and development, not only for the other person, but also for ourselves. A ritual of severing cords will help your energy field lift and vibrate at a higher rate. We also run energy cords between our loved ones, as in our children, our partner, our animal companions and our family members. This is normal and expected as long as the relationship is in balance and is in the best interest of all involved. What becomes harmful is when a relationship is out of harmony. This is when etheric cords must be cut. Cutting negative/abusive cords can be especially helpful in the following cases: ​ ~Divorce ​ ~Death of a loved one ​ ~Unwanted or negative friends or co workers ​ ~Traumatic or frightening life experience ​ ~Guilt ​ ~Anger ​ ~Sense of betrayal ​ ~Depression ​ ~ Addiction ​ ~Bad relationships ​ Once you purchase the Distance Healing etheric cord cutting with Archangel Michael please email me which day is good for you so we can perform the cord cutting ceremony. I would have you send me an email with whom you would like to cut the etheric cords with, where you both live, and some details as to what you want to release.It is best to do each relationship or issue separately to lend credence to each one. I would recommend you light a candle, and meditate on the intent of what you want to release and what you want to bring into your life on the day I'm performing it. I will do the cord cutting and then send you an email when its complete on the day we choose. Looking forward in connecting with Archangel Michael and helping you cut all of those negative cords and bring in fresh energy in your life that you always deserve. Please choose your time for your Cord Cutting Ceremony. 
30 Minutes $30
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